Five ways scammers operate in online poker sites

In the online gambling scene, online poker has turned into one of its cash-rich games where millions of poker players from around the world are focusing on their smartphones or computers and are always on serious business, which is also the main reason why there are many scammers.

These scammers are having a good time cashing out and having a very good business out on everyone’s behalf.

In online poker, there are five different ways that scammers do to scam online poker players; they either cash out, they deposit, they use affiliates, they use poker rooms, and anonymous poker tables. To learn more about these scams, you should check out the rest of this article below compiled by the situs poker online internasional.

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  1. The cash out– This is probably the most infamous way for scammers to steal money from unknowing online poker players through using a fraudulent and very shady online poker site that victimizes players who wish to cash out their winnings or their deposit. Usually, there is a confusing and sometimes a contradicting online gambling laws depending on the country with regards to the nature of processing the funds from your gambling account which is why scammers take advantage of this dysfunctional system by using fake online casino sites to claim that they have sent you your winnings and your withdrawals, when in fact, they never did in the first place.
  2. The depositing– In this type of scam, you are making a deposit into an online poker site, where your transaction is usually processed and then removed from the balance of your debit card or credit card, however, this never took place in your online poker account. The next thing you will know is that you have a long and drawn out procedure where you are completely frustrated to get the money that you have lost and put it back where it should be in the first place.
  3. The affiliate– There are some suspicious and questionable online poker sites that promise their customers to earn a commission for real money if they are able to draw some friends to deposit and register an account to their website, but when these players join and are now eager to claim their commission which is either a cash deposit, a rake back, or a special entry for tournaments, the poker site will void their claims for unbelievable reasons.
  4. The online poker employee– This is one of the most infamous scams in online poker history and it is also one of the most dangerous among all of these types of scams. This kind of scam happens if a group of ex-employees or current employees of an online poker site that pretends to be online poker players. Knowing that they are part of the online poker site, they have access to other players’ financial information, particularly debit or credit card numbers where they can use it for whatever they want.
  5. The anonymous poker tables– This is co-related to the online poker employees because there are some online poker sites which claim that their tables are completely anonymous where it is untraceable where it is used to track players who are weak and very easy to milk money.

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